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Universal Studios: Rock the Universe Covenant

Our Covenant

A "covenant" is a pledge or promise on which one can rely. Our covenant is  designed to help make the experience we have a time of fun, fellowship, and  acquiring an appreciation for Christian music.  
Therefore, we covenant to . . .  
- Treat each other in a Christian manner. 
- Help each other, even if it means sacrifice.
- Participate fully by going to at least one concert or a combo of several.
- Respect everyone’s experience by being at check in times on time. 
- If we are middle school students, travel with our adult leader in groups of about 6 at all times. 
- If we are high school students, traveling in groups of 3 or more and check in with our assigned adult. 
- Bring this experience back home to those not able to participate by sharing our experiences with other youth and the congregation, without making them feel excluded.
- Expect our leaders to treat us with respect. 
- Give adult leaders authority to judge as they see fit, knowing that the  Ministry Coordinator (Lori Schwan) has final authority. 
Handle the following behavior issues in this manner: 
       A. Disagreements/hassles 
       B. Smoking and other use of tobacco products 
       C. Sexual behavior 
       D. Drugs and alcohol 
       1. Warning (A & B) 
       2. Time spent sitting in the park with an adult (A & B) 
       3. Tough situations on a case-by-case-basis (A) 
       4. Parents will drive to Orlando and pick up their son/daughter (C & D) 


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